Contributions on the future of the Child Guarantee and possible tools to implement it


The 20th of November 2021 is the date of the official constitution of the European Alliance for the Child Guarantee – EACG

To mark the occasion, the Promoter Committee has organised an event open to all to be held at 10:00 a.m. at the headquarters of the Lombardy Delegation at Place du Champ de Mars 2, Brussels and online on the zoom platform.

The European institutions are working towards a child guarantee EU:

11 March 2021, the European Parliament adopted a resolution on the rights of the child in the light of the EU strategy on the rights of the child.

24 March 2021, the European Commission adopted the first EU strategy on children’s rights, together with a proposal for a recommendation to establish a European guarantee for children at risk of poverty or social exclusion.

14 June 2021, the Member States meeting in the EPSCO Council (Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumers) adopted a recommendation establishing the “European Guarantee for Children” to ensure access to essential services such as education and health, under the Portuguese Presidency, which wanted to make a strong impression on social issues in its mandate.

All of us who work for children every day have created the European Alliance for the Child Guarantee:

13 October 2021 a group of European civil society actors, non-governmental organisations, training and educational bodies working daily for minors promoted in Brussels, at the headquarters of the Lombardy Region delegation, a promotional conference of the European Alliance for the Child Guarantee. The event was also broadcast online and streamed on various social platforms and was attended by 5 MEPs, numerous experts and professionals from all over Europe.

20 November 2021 conference organisers set out on International Children’s and Adolescents’ Day 2021 to establish the European Alliance for the Child Guarantee (EACG) consider all those who sign the memorandum of association as founders.

Join the EACG:

To fight educational and material poverty in Europe, with the aim of moving from 18 million children at risk to less than 5 million by 2030.
If you represent a school, a university, a research centre, a public administration, an NGO, an association, a foundation, a benefit company, a business or you are a simple citizen who cares about children’s rights, you can join the EACG.

By joining the EACG you will be able to:

  • Participate in transnational partnerships to achieve the European objectives of the Child Guarantee;
  • Be part of pilot projects or research projects;
  • Learn and implement participative practices of young generations within your educational and social context;
  • Share and promote good practices on social inclusion and poverty reduction in childhood and adolescence;
  • Receive information on policies that have proven to be most effective in combating social exclusion in EU countries.

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20th of November 2021 – 10:00 am
On-line or in person at the Lombardy Region Delegation Headquarters
Place du Champ de Mars, 2 – Brussels B1050

10:00 – 10:10 am

Greetings and introduction by the meeting’s moderator

Raul Cavalli, President of Easy Care Foundation;


10:10 – 10:20 am

Carla Rinaldi, President of the Reggio Children Foundation – Loris Malaguzzi Centre

10:20 – 10:30 am

Angelo Patti, President EURITA Charitable Society

10:30 – 10:45 am 

Manuel Finelli, Spokesperson of the Promoter Committee 

10:45 – 11:30 am

Contributions by the founders

  • Calabrese Gianni, President of Coopselios
  • Francesco Vivacqua, President of Cultura&Solidarietà

11:30 – 11:45 am

Appointment of Management Committee and Spokesperson

11:45 – 12:00 am

EACG Spokesperson.

Below are some of the video contributions received on the topic of the Children’s Rights Guarantee


You can send your own video contribution or leave a comment

Sabrina Bonaccini,

tecnical director of the educational department

Innocenza Grillone,

president of Reggio Emilia’s “Durante e dopo di noi ONLUS”

Raffaella Curioni,

counselor for education

Nicola Trevisan,

director Esedra Benefit Company

Alberto Alberani,

Legacoop Sociali National Associate vice president

Manuel Finelli,

sociology and childhood at Easycare Foundation

Paola Cavazzoni,

Reggio Children Foundation

Jean-Pierre Pourtois,

emeritus professor in educational science UMONS

Raul Cavalli,

Coopselios General Manager

Giuseppe Costa,

Director of the Lombardy Region Delegation in Brussels 

Ivano Marco Orofino,

Member of the EACG promoting committee

Anna Pileri,

University of Bologna: research and methodology to combat poverty

Stephan Riegger,

University of Venice

Giuliana Fiini

Riccardo Bettiga,

Lombardy Ombudsman for Children and Adolescents

Elisabetta Gualmini,

Member of the european parliament

Pierfrancesco Majorino

Member of the european parliament

Caterina Chinnici,

Member of the european parliament

Anna Gruzla,

MIR Foundation Poland

Emmanuele Pavolini,

Università degli Studi di Macerata

Oscar Lancini,

Member of the european parliament

Giovanni Calabrese,

President of Coopselios

Francesco Vivacqua,

President of Cultura & Solidarietà non-profit organisation

Brando Benifei,

Member of the european parliament

Sign in and write your thoughts on the EU Strategy for children’s rights


  1. Annalisa

    I bambini e i ragazzi possiedono, tra le tante, tre cose straordinarie … la fantasia, l’incoscienza e il coraggio.

    I bambini e i ragazzi vedono il mondo, riconoscono e vivono la meraviglia, così come riconoscono e patiscono le brutture e l’orrore.

    Con l’incoscienza e con la fantasia cercano, fortunatamente spesso riuscendoci, di costruire strategie per proteggersi dal male. Con il coraggio lottano e urlano per dimostrarci che in quelle strategie potremmo trovare insieme soluzioni per migliorare e cambiare il mondo, quello di oggi e quello futuro.

    Forse noi adulti dovremmo tentare di recuperare un po’ di incoscienza e di fantasia, dovremmo ritrovare quello straordinario senso di meraviglia, ma soprattutto dovremmo ritrovare il coraggio … perché il coraggio è la prima faccia della responsabilità, e chi perde coraggio si tira indietro, si chiama fuori.

    Mio figlio, che oggi ha 31, anni quando era nel pieno del furore adolescenziale mi ha scritto:
    “(..) ho bisogno di questa battaglia. Disperatamente. (..) Ho un disperato bisogno che tu tenga l’altra estremità della corda. Che tu ti aggrappi con fermezza mentre tiro dalla mia parte, che cerco di trovare un appoggio e un posto in questo nuovo mondo a cui sento di appartenere.”

    Da una parte della corda tira chi combatte per i diritti, dall’altra parte tira chi li calpesta … una storia vecchia come il mondo ma che non diventa mai vecchia, non diventa mai storia …

    Quello che ho capito è che se si trova la forza di non mollare la corda a un certo punto ci si accorge che la si sta tirando insieme dalla stessa parte … forse è così che un giorno vinceremo le battaglie e scriveremo una nuova storia.

    Avrei tanto voluto saper dire le stesse cose ai miei genitori che credo non si siano mai ripresi del tutto dalla mia furente adolescenza e, quanto fossimo ancorati agli stessi valori, l’ho capito forse troppo tardi …

  2. Angelo Patti

    THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT’S COORDINATOR FOR CHILDREN’S RIGHTS is a good man to know. Guided by the principle of the “best interests of the child”, the Coordinator shall endeavour to ensure the promotion and protection of the rights of the child in all EU policies and rules. The Coordinator also aims to provide guidance to citizens involved in cases of child abduction by a parent and in other cross-border family disputes, is committed to closer cooperation with judicial and administrative bodies and seeks to promote mediation in cross-border family matters.

  3. Anna Gruzla

    I think is very very important to educate and involve parents and everyone, who take part in the child’s upbringing. Create places, when children, parents, teachers, psychologist, nursery owners can work together; mutually supporting each other – the we can do much more.
    I dream about nurseries completely supporting children’s health and education system. I already create few places which works in this system- but it’s still not enough, still missing social awareness… I hope our Alliance can change this.

  4. Andrea Pagano

    Today the children’s rights’ issue takes on a special meaning. The planetary events of this period have led society and politics to ask children to give up some of their rights. I hope this alliance will reach as many stakeholders as possible in order to be able to strongly advocate the rights of all citizens. Children are already citizens today, there is no reason to wait for “a future” and therefore to postpone courageous choices.

    • antonietta serri

      La costituzione di una forte alleanza verso i diritti delle giovani generazioni diviene un naturale patto e contratto della costruzione di un futuro per i giovani attori che ne saranno i protagonisti.

  5. leocal

    This is an excellent starting point, children’s rights will be the foundation of a better European Union

  6. Child

    “A child can always teach three things to an adult:
    1. To be content for no reason.
    2. To always be busy with something.
    3. To demand with all his might what he desires.” PAULO COELHO

  7. Angelo Patti

    The Child Guarantee aims to ensure that all children in Europe at risk of poverty, social exclusion or otherwise disadvantaged have access to good quality essential services.

    The guarantee will recommend that EU countries finance and develop strategies and action plans to ensure that children in difficulty have access to free or affordable services, such as:

    education, including early childhood education and care
    health care, food and accommodation
    cultural and recreational activities.

  8. Angelo Patti

    Mi piace credere che possiamo lavorare per migliorare le condizioni di vita di tutti i bambini

    • Elisa

      Più diritti a favore dei fanciulli per un Europa dei diritti .

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